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[S60] [遊戲] [.sis] Creature Kingdom 動物王國

[S60] [遊戲] [.sis] Creature Kingdom 動物王國

遊戲名稱:Creature Kingdom
容量 : 592 KB
適用機型: Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6670, 7610, N70, N72, N90
遊戲介紹:Creature KINGDOM. An original kind of challenging action game. Can you defeat the intelligent acting creatures, and also find and collect all the letters for the secret passwords?
Besides from being a fast paced, high pulse action game of fun,
it requires elements of smartness to complete.
Intelligent acting creatures will constantly try to outsmart you, in your way for success.
Creature KINGDOM is crawling with unforgettable and very cool animated creatures,
creatures you are going to like, but watch out! appearances are deceptive.
Creature KINGDOM consists of four GIANT worlds of very nice, smooth and cool looking cartoon style graphics. For each of your four missions, you control a different main character,which makes each of the four missions seem like a fresh new game.
Your mission is to fight your way through the worlds of creature KINGDOM, finding and collecting all the valuable items containing letters for the important passwords,
which gives you access to enter the next world, where new creatures are waiting for you.
Creature KINGDOM is a high quality game of addictive game play and
challenging entertainment waiting for you.
creature KINGDOM is a must have game,
if you like fun action and lots of challenges at the same time.

-Four GIANT worlds.
-Four different main characters.
-Very nice, smooth and cool looking cartoon style graphics.
-Lots of very cool and intelligent acting creatures
-Animated backgrounds.
-Wild screen shake-FX.
-Ear catching music.
-Cool sound-FX.


Eagle.Eye.Vision.Creature.Kingdom.Cracked.zip (588.89 KB)

2006-8-17 10:11 PM, 下載次數: 311

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