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[英文科] Sample Dictation of Sentences

Sample Dictation of Sentences

Dictation - Lessons from comics

1.        The enduring popularity of comics has confounded parents, educators and even government.

2.        Parents and teachers have long criticized comics as corrupting and damaging to children’s reading habits.

3.        Teenagers think that comics take them away from the tediousness of the classroom.

4.        Some people worry that children are being led astray the fantasy characters in comics.

5.         The heroes of comic books are more real to children and provide them with more significant role models than real people.

6.         Some believe that comics are more influential than television and newspapers.

7.         We should not be surprised to find comics on school book lists in years to come.

8.         Even good comics can take our attention away from our studies.

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Dictation - A shoulder to cry on

1.        There is a growing trend among teenagers to take to the habit of smoking.

2.        The older students help their charges ( to ) settle into school life and help them to feel less isolated.

3.        The older students help their younger wards adjust and adapt to their new school environment.

4.        There is no question that both the volunteers and new students gain from the experience.

5.        There is no doubt that not only the volunteers but ( also ) the new students gain from this fruitful experience.

6.        By being the role model to the younger students, the volunteers derive a great sense of achievement / accomplishment.

7.        Students tend to have a misconception that only problem students are referred to social workers.

8.        Students develop a trusting relationship with the younger students.

9.        With the encouragement of our School Principal and the help of the volunteers, the Peer Counselling Scheme was obviously a great success.

10.        The Principal was very supportive and suggested we ( should ) form a committee to coordinate our efforts.

11.        The students were enthusiastic and keen to join the scheme.

12.        We started to publicize our plan and ask for volunteers.

13.        I’m writing to publicize the malpractice of the shop so that the shop would make improvements in the near future.

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Dictation Passage - Teenage Suicide

1.        Many sources have revealed that the number of these cases is on the rise / increase.

2.        Some people claim that this social problem is the result of the modernization of society.

3.        If we examine the cases seriously, we will not find it too difficult to understand the causes.

4.        Youngsters are so mentally immature that they have difficulties in facing ups and downs of life.

5.        Due to the vigorous / rapid growth of the economy, many families have to struggle to earn a living. They have to keep up with the rising standard of living.

6.        Because of the high standard of living in Hong Kong, they have to struggle to earn a living.

7.        In many cases, both parents have to work and cannot spend much time with their children.

8.        They may also feel that they are neglected by their parents and have no sense of belonging.

9.        Feeling lonely and unloved, they may commit suicide in order to get their parents’ attention.

10.        Parents’ high expectations of their children are another cause of youth suicide.  They naturally tend to expect too much from their children.

11.        The educational system is so spoon-feeding / examination-oriented that it gives / exerts / brings pressure on students.

12.        The Government should arrange for more support and counseling services for students and their families.

13.        Schools should also organize extra-curricular activities such as family days and fun fairs to bring students, parents and teachers closer together.

14.        Moreover, parents should make time for their children.

15.        Only with the co-operation of the Government, parents and teachers will the problem of youth suicide be solved.

16.        If all the above measures are carried out, the problem of teenage suicide will be much alleviated
        in the near future.

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Dictation Passage - Television: Pros and Cons

1.        Over ninety-six percent of Hong Kong’s population watches television for at least a few hours every day, according to a recent report.

2.        The figure confirms what we all know:  television has become an important part of our lives.

3.        It entertains us, informs us and influences the way we think.  But is it a good influence, or a bad one?

4.        Some critics say that television does more harm than good because television programmes contain far too much violence.

5.        Children are so mentally immature that violence is an acceptable way to deal with problems.  This leads to an increase in violence in society.

6.        Another aspect of television is that it hinders the language development of students.  It is no surprise to see that bad language is commonly used in TV prgrammes, especially about triads and criminals.

7.        Yet another argument has come from social workers, who say that television weakens family life. Parents do not spend time with their children very often.

8.        Although there is truth in these criticisms, they only give one side of the picture.  

9.        There is no doubt that television is the greatest and most efficient means of communication in the world today.

10.        Because of television, the world today is more closely connected and better informed.

11.        What is more, television is a great educator.  It can also help people learn more about the things that are happening in the world.

12.        Finally, television does improve the quality of people’s lives. It provides cheer and company to different walks of life with cheap and plentiful entertainment.

13.        Instead of emphasizing the negative aspects of television, it is better to ensure that we gain the most benefit / benefit from television by choosing the right programmes.

14.        It is not television, but the way people use it, that causes harm.

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Dictation Passage - It is important to give children correct ideas of sex

1.        A 13-year-old girl got to know a married man through ICQ on the internet.  She soon lost her virginity.  The man has been sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment.

2.        The case puts to the fore a new problem of the information technology era - how to deal with children’s access to pornographic information on the Internet?

3.        The case has caused wide concern among the public - how to avoid children getting pornographic         information on the Internet?

4.        In Hong Kong, IT education is becoming more and more popular.

5.        Thousands and thousands of school children are connected to the Internet and can access pornographic home pages.

6.        It is no surprise / It is not surprising that children are curious about sex.

7.        They are so mentally immature that they are attracted to sex traps / They are so mentally immature that they are easily lured into sex traps.

8.        Many parents are at a loss what do about that.

9.        In order to solve / deal with / settle the problem, the government should tighten the control of pornographic / indecent and obscene information on the Internet.

10.        The government should impose deterrent punishment on those who put pornographic information on the Internet.

11.        It is hard to black out pornographic information , and it is quite impossible to keep children who use ICQ from sexual allurements / temptations.       

12.        Parents may install filter software to shield their families from/ to avoid their children getting pornographic information.

13.        In such an advanced city as Hong Kong / The world has already entered an IT era, it is not only as essential job requirement but also an important part of our live.

14.        After all, pornographic material accounts only a very small percentage of Internet Information.
        We therefore should not restrict children from using ICQ.

15.        We believe parents should take a positive attitude towards the Internet.

16.        It is better to teach children to use information properly than to restrict or stop their access to the Internet or ICQ.

17.        Parents and teachers should give proper guidance and advice to them.  

18.        Even if there is no Internet or ICQ, children can get pornographic information from books and magazines to satisfy their curiosity.

19.        The problems lies in the fact that sex education is backward in Hong Kong.

20.        Only if teacher, parents and the media help them gain the right sort of sex knowledge can children be effectively prevented from being poisoned with pornographic information.

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Dictation passage – Degrees are passports to health and happiness

1.        Degrees are passports to health and happiness.

2.        Graduates have better job opportunities than those who do not go into higher education.

3.        Students are encouraged to be engaged in voluntary organizations.

4.        The chances of having a professional or managerial job are much higher for graduates.

5.        When it comes to making a decision, he is always in two minds.

6.        When it comes to mental health, graduate men are likely to suffer depression.

7.        Taking these factors into account, graduates are well-protected from depression.

8.        A recent study has revealed that university drop-outs seem to lose a lot of the benefits of higher education.

9.        For all my experience in teaching, I am still prone to speaking in public.

10.        Higher education produces a boost in well-being, for instance, self-esteem and confidence building.

11.        Higher education is an experience that offers so many opportunities.

12.        Many graduates are able to give their children the advantages they themselves lack.

13.        Graduates are less likely to hold negative views about women’s equality.

14.        Higher education offers benefits far beyond the economic advantages of having a degree.

End Note:

This passage is complete bullshit.

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