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[討論] Game randomly crashes

Game randomly crashes


I've been a problem though that I haven't experienced with any other games. I will get random video crashes where my monitor will go To a Solid color and stay like that until I shut it down. The Windows 7 error message sound will play, but I can't see the message because my monitor is completely on that solid color. I can also still hear my Spotify music so I know It's not completely crashing my computer. It's a fair uncommon occurrence for me, but when it does happen a will from the game for a while before I can play it againMy CPU is a 4690K and my GPU is an Asus Strix 970. I do not think it's a problem with my hardware because again,I is not experience this problem with any other games. This is a fairly easy game to run hardware wise, and I have no problem with graphic intensive games such as Witcher 3, GTA V and XCOM 2.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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