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作者: 天空深     時間: 2006-3-25 07:37 PM

anyone play this?

actually i installed this game recently,
but after i click start of the game,
it load a while then say...

"error report" - something like an error occur blah bliah

then i click "dont send report" then jump out from the screen and
i cannot play the game....

can anyone help me out??

really desire can play this game

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作者: dez2005     時間: 2006-3-25 09:11 PM

have u seen the system requirement, it might be your system not compatiable with the game, or your game is not correctly installed, try reinstalling the game, restart and play the game, also try to change the compatibale made to Windows 2000 in the .exe properties...
作者: 天空深     時間: 2006-3-25 09:30 PM

i'm using windows XP

my friend with same window version can play it,
i copy the installer from her,
but then, in my computer, it cannot play...

i keep uninstall and reinstall for several times already...
it seems cant open and quiting with error report...
作者: kenloveyan

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作者: 天空深     時間: 2006-3-25 10:20 PM

THANKS for all ur help and suggestion..

problem solved...

i change the compatibility to window 98 in .exe

then it can be played

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